Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SIP Construction

Many people ask "What is SIP Construction?"

SIP means Structural Insulated Panel. It is a wall panel composed of an inner and outer layer of strand board that looks like plywood with an insulated foam core. Many home styles can utilize SIP construction. But unlike a standard stick-frame home where the insulation is added almost like an after-thought, the insulation is an integral part of a SIP Panel home. Air and moisture penetrations are greatly reduced because there are few thermal breaks in the home. In a SIP Panel home the framer "installs" the panel sections rather than "builds" them. This saves time and ensures that the walls are straight and plumb.

SIP Panel construction creates a more energy efficient home, panels are 100% recyclable and create less job site waste.

Arch Studio, Inc. has a new SIP Panel home under construction in Campbell, CA. The foundation is a typical new residence foundation with engineered floor joists. The SIP Panels are currently in fabrication at SIP Home Systems in Grass Valley, Ca. When the panels are ready they will be shipped to the job site for installation.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the construction of this home.

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